We are living in uncertain and challenging times. The unknown is unsettling yet, essential, for it elicits growth. This is a time of crossing the threshold of personal and collective evolution. The manners in which global societies are living and governing are cracking and shattering. The destructive qualities of apathy to social, racial, and climate justice are being revealed. There is incredible potential in the lessons before us. We are evolving in real-time. Feeling the contractions of rebirth. In an effort to find a harmonic equilibrium, Viandara’s work bridges the material and ethereal realms. She believes that as a collective, through diffusion and cross-cultural exchange, we build a deeper sense of connection and understanding in accordance with the natural world and global community.

Viandara sees our meta natures. She believes that we arise in our practices as myth-makers, visionaries, mystic sound, holistic healers, and permacultural bioneers. Viandara is an multidimsional artist. Finding her soul’s expression in a multitude of mediums from floral design, batiking, digital art, dancing, singing, gardening, and being a mother. The art form that continuously calls her, is oil painting. Specifically, she is drawn to portraiture. Viandara loves finding the connection with each subject, be they a person she admires, or an archetypal embodiment. She opens each painting session with song, imbuing the canvas with prayer, as she communes with spirit. Painting is Viandara’s medicine. It is her path to healing. She offers her visions as worlds of wonder and magick.

Viandara is originally from New England in the United States. She is classically trained having received both her Bachelors and Masters of Fine Art. She is invigorated by an insatiable curiosity and wanderlust. This leads her on world adventures, filling her well with new experiences, cultures, art, and landscapes. She presently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, their two young children, and their kitties, Lyra and Lumos.

copyist at the Louvre Museum, 2006